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| Europ | July 14, 2017

Required days :      

2 days – Paris city
3 days – Paris city ( if you decide to see the city leisurely)
1 day – Versailles

You can go by Eurolines. If you plan sufficiently early, then may be by flight also.

Better keep Ikarus as the last option as he leaves there in the afternoon and half day will be wasted.
To travel inside Paris, have a Metro map of Paris, also a zone map. It is more than enough. It is impossible to manage without these.

Costs involved :

 Bus Ticket – 57€ to 92€, depending on the time you book the ticket.
Arch de Triomphe – 5€ ( age <= 26), 8€ ( age > 26 )
Opera House – 7€
Eiffel Tower – 11€, discount for group of 20.
Boat Ride – 9€ – 12€, depending on the type of boat you take.
Versailles Palace – 4.5€ (C) + 8€ (B2) + 7€ (Palace Garden) + 5€
— 1Day pass 20€. Entry to all places in museum.
Notre Dame – 7.5€ (to go up the tower) + 3€(Cathedral treasury)
Louvre museum – 8.5€
3 Zone (1, 2, 3) 1 day pass(Paris Visite) – 8€
4 Zone (1, 2, 3, 4) 1 day pass (Paris Visite) – 9€
Actually there is museum pass available for 30€ for 3 days. All museums will be
free on buying this. But be careful; don’t decide to buy this until you decide to
visit many museums in Paris. This is not valid for Opera House.

Accommodation :

Reserve any hotel or hostel in city center so that transportation will be easy. Even if you book it a little away from center, then also its not such a big problem as the metro connectivity is too good.

Detail Itinerary :

 Grand Arch de La Defense:

This is an arch (actually a rectangle built in memory of some soldiers). I was amazed to know that itis an office building n people work inside that. In the night it is good to see it by the light. Also the sky scrapers around it.

To reach here you have to get down at the La Defense stop.

Arch de Triomphe:

This looks somewhat similar to India Gate. This was constructed by Napolean as a sign of victory and as a tribute to those who diedin war. 12 roads meet at this point and it is an amazing view. To have this marvelous view, we have to climb up the tower by paying the entrance fee. To reach here you have to get down at the Champs Elysees Clemenceau stop.

Champs Elysees:

One of the 12 roads joining at the Arch de Triomphe is the Champs Elysees. You can have a walk down this street and it is beautiful (especially during the night). There are many museums in this street – Renault, Peuguot, Daimler Chrysler and Toyota. All are free entrance.

Opera House:

Well you don’t get a chance to see the opera because the tickets are always sold out and may be costly too. But you can have a glimpse of the opera house. It is nothing short of any royal palace-nice decorations, grand chandeliers that too with artistic work of French. If you remember the one you had seen in Dil Chahta Hai. It is like that itself, but not as big as that.

You have to get down at the Opera stop. The building will be named as ‘Musique Academy’.

Eiffel Tower:

1 of the 7 wonders. Well it’s altogether a different experience to be on top of it. You can get the view of the entire (most of the ) city Paris from the top of it. Go to top of Eiffel tower at the twilight hour, so that you can see the city by light and by night. There are 4 pillars – East, West, North & South. There are ticket counters at each of the pillars. They give tickets to go the 1st floor, 2nd floor & to the top floor. If many people are there on the top, they stop issuing tickets for some time. So be careful while purchasing the tickets and make sure you take it to the top floor. You can climb till 1st or 2nd floor, but have to take a lift compulsorily from there, or you can also take the elevator directly from the ground floor.

You can get down at the Bir Hakeim stop or Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel stop.

Boat Ride:

The best way to see Paris by lights. Just beside the Eiffel tower there are many counters for boat rides. You can get a ticket in any 1 of them. It will be for 1 hour & the River Seine. Take the boat ride in the night, when the city if full in lights. It is awesome experience. Don’t afford to miss this.

Moulin Rouge:

This is a famous famous club. If you are really interested you  can go inside this by paying 100 euros entrance fee!!! You can have a walk down this street from Blanche till Pigalle. This is called Amsterdam of Paris. It will be in full color after night 8.

You have to get down at the Blanche stop.

Sacre Coeur:

This is one the famous churches in Paris. It is famous because of its architecture. You have to get down at the Anvers stop for this. From there you can climb up the small hill. Even there is a cable car to go up there. Notra Dame: This is another famous church. This is the place where Napolean  crowned himself as the king. You can also go up the church tower. But I don’t think it is really worth after you have been on top of Eiffel Tower.

You have to get down at the St. Michel or St. Michel Notra Dame stop.

Louvre Muséum:

Well this one of the things not to be missed in Paris. Previously it was a palace. Now it is converted to a museum. It has 2 wings. Each wing is 700m (almost 3/4th of a km) and each wing has 4 floors, so totally (1.5 * 4 ) 6 km. If we have to see everything in the museum, then we have to walk for 16km inside the palace!!!!! That’s humanly impossible in 3 days also. So only look at at the important places in the museum – Mona Lisa, Coronation of Napolean, Napolean Apartments, Greek idols, Italian paintings (hall with endless number of paintings) in order of their preference. There is also audio guide available and if you take it there is a description for each painting – God help the person who listens to the description of all these paintings!!!!! Do not spend more than 4 hours here or else you will get bored and tired and you will not to go anywhere the whole day. Everyday some or the other room of this museum will be closed for maintenance. It is a holiday on Tuesdays.

You have to get down at the Palais Royal Musee de Louvre stop.


There is Napolean Fort kind of thing here. After looking at everything in Paris, this appears nothing great. But you can go here if you are left with time. It closes at 6.15 in the evening. You can also see the French Parliament. But I do not know whether they will let you in.

You have to get down at the Invalides stop.


Huuuuuuuuuuuge is the smallest word I can use to describe this. There are different sections here A,B,C,M & royal gardens. We have to buy a ticket for each of it. If you buy a 1 day pass you can visit all places in the palace. Well everything is royal and grand here. Even the smallest of the things is decorated, artistic n work done with lot of patience There are lot of paintings of royal persons n their families. If you are interested in paintings it’s a 2nd heaven for you. The roofs are entirely painted, the corners every inch is decorated with art. There will be a show in the Palace gardens from 3.30 to 5.00. Mondays the palace is closed. On first Sunday of every month there is no discount and no group tickets available.

However we bought tickets only for B (same as A) & C. We had a look at kings chamber, kings private apartment, queens chamber, durbar hall There was  still lot more to explore but this itself took around 6 hrs for us…..

To reach here you have to take RER C (named VICK or VERO) from Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel and get down at the Chateau de Versailles (Rive Gauche) stop.

Tip: Nobody knows English in Paris. So know some basic words like

Jour = Day

Sortie = Exit

Autres = Other

Suggested time to visit :

End of Summer, when it gets dark by around 8pm in the evening, but not in winter.

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