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| Travel Destinations | July 14, 2017

Italy Tour:

Required Days:

Rome –          1 or 1½ day
Florence –    ½ day
Pisa –          ½ day
Milan –         1 day

How to go there:

The route which we took was from Stuttgart – Milan by flight

Milan –          Rome by train (overnight journey)
Rome –          Florence by train
Florence –     Pisa by Train
Pisa –           Stuttgart by flight

Cost involved:

Flights are cheaper if booked earlier (1-2 months in advance)

Malpensa – Milan:                    5€/person
Milan24 Hours Pass:               4€/person
Milan – Rome Train:                25€/person
Vatican Dome:                          7€/ person or 5€/person
Sistine Chappel Entrance:      12€/person. Discounts are available for students.
Colosseum Entrance –             12€/person
Rome – Florence Train: –        15€/person (in Regionale) or 24€/person (in IC Plus)
Florence – Pisa Train –            5€/person
Pisa Tower Entrance –            15€/person

Hotel reservation:

Recommended hotels:

Anakin Stargate Hotel
Via Palestro 88,
00185 Rome
Very Near to Roma Termini (Main Station), 10 minutes walk from there.

Hotel Veneto
Via Santa Reparata ,33
Walk able from Florence SMN station, 15 minutes walk from there.

Villa Wanda
Hotel Pensione


Milan: It is called the ‘Fashion Capital of the World’. The entire world famous designer brands hail from here viz. Armani, Gucci, etc. If you reach Milan by air, then you will be landing in Malpensa airport. From there you will have to take a Malpensa shuttle to Milan. It costs 5€/person. The journey from Malpense to Milan is about 1 hour. You can take a 24Hour Pass to go around Milan. It costs 3€/person. Then take a Metro (Red Line) to Duomo. (Duomo means Cathedral in Italian). It is awesome and also the square it is located in. Just beside Duomo there is closed street called Vittorio Emanuelle II which leads us to another square where stands our great Leonardo Da Vinci. This street is famous for shopping.

Also in Milan is situated the famous “The Last Supper” Painting. It is on the walls of an old school. But we have to take prior appointment to visit that, also the entrance fee is 14€/person. And they allow us to go inside only in batches of 6 people. You can find more information about this on the internet.

Also there is FTV Lounge in Milan. If you can’t afford to go inside, at least you can go and see it from the outside. But I have no details about it.


Rome: We took the ‘Regionale’ train from Milan to Roma Tiburtina. There are even other trains – IC PLUS, ES*. But they are costly also reach Rome in midnight. So it is better to sleep in train than on platform. From Roma Tiburtina we have to go to Roma Termini. This is main station of Rome. You can take a 24Hour ticket from Tiburtina itself and reach Rome Termini by Metro. It costs 4€ / person. With this ticket you can take travel in all the public transport in Rome. The first public transport in Rome starts at 5.30a.m.

In Rome Termini, you can find the tourist info on platform 23 (not completely sure though). There you collect a map of Rome and start your day.


Vatican City: Start your day from the Vatican. The metro details can also be found in the Tourist map. There will be long queue in the Vatican, as long as 2 hours long. So make sure you reach there by at least 8.00 in the morning. First visit the St. Peter’s Basilica. Achtung!! There is dress code; short dresses are not allowed. There are 3 things to look out in the Basilica:

  1. Vatican Dome – It costs 7€/person. You can go up the dome of Vatican and get an aerial view of the city. Half the way you can go by elevator, but will have to climb up the final 300 odd steps. Also there is ticket for 5€. This cuts out the elevator option. You will have to climb up all the way.
  2. Tomb of Previous Popes – Here you can find tombs of previous popes not all though.
  3. Basilica – This is the cathedral. Here you can find St. Peters tomb. It is surrounded by 99 candles, always illuminated.

Then make you way towards the Sistine Chappel, only if you are interested. You can see lots of Michelangelo’s work on the walls and on the roof. This is the place where the pope is elected. Also in that room the can find the famous painting – The Judgment Day. This will be the end of Vatican and this is what Vatican has to offer.

Then step out to explore the historical Rome. You can proceed in the following order:

Start form the
St. Castel
Trevi Fountain
Spanish Steps
Vittorio Emanuaelle II
Old Rome

Florence: There are lot of churches and fountains in Florence. But one thing not be missed in Florence is the Duomo. It is a marvelous structure, entirely made up of White and Green Marble. There is also a street market in Florence on the way to Duomo. This is a shopping paradise for the ladies. But all shops close at 7.00pm in Florence. Apart from these, there is a palace, synagogue and castle. Visiting these places is left to the tourists’ discretion.

Pisa: The only place worth visiting in Pisa is the Pisa tower. Beside it you can also find a Duomo and some other Dome. Good enough to glance from the outside. From the Pisa station, you can walk to Pisa tower – a walk of around 2kms. You can think about this option, if you have time, as you get a better feel of the city. The entrance fee to Pisa Tower is 15€/person and they let in only 15 persons at a time. Also for entrance we will have to buy the tickets at least 1.5 hours in advance. So check this out and plan according to your journey. It takes 40 minutes to go up the tower and come down.

NOTE: Please make sure that you are in the airport at least 1.5 hours before the flights departure time. Or else you will have to miss the flight like we did and go to Tirrenia to spend 1 more day.

Tirrenia: This is a city by the side of the beach. It is relatively cleaner when compared to other Italian cities/towns and it much reminded me of Goa especially Panajim. There will be not much people in the beach but the beaches are clean and good, so you can spend a lot of time over here.

TIPS: Some helpful Italian words:

Entrata –        Entrnace
Uscita –          Exit
Bigilietti –      Tickets
Ore –              Hour/Time
Piazza –         Square
Via –               Road
San –              Saint
Chow –           Hi/Bye
Dirretto –       Direction / Straight
Grazie –         Thank You

Best time of visit:

Anytime during April – September. But in peak summer (June, July, August) it will be very hot – around 35-40 C.

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