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How to choose a charity which is right for you

| Articles | May 9, 2017

In this post we suggest about many different considerations need to be taken care while choosing NGO’s, some of which may be useful for you.

Before You Donate…

What do you care about? :

If you care about “children have nothing to eat”, then you might want to support on food. If you care about “cancer, heart, HIV patient ”, you might be interested in giving the charity for people whose suffering from major diseases.in other hand some want to donate to child education.

Everyone is having different ideas & opinions. So decide which area you are interested to give charity.

Find the right charity for your interest :

once you decide on which area you want to be donate. you can search the NGO’s by broad view and narrow it as per your definition of donation. there are many sites where you can find the NGO’s. Our suggestion is initially use them for search only.

Analyse why charities deserves for support:

Some charities are well organized, effective, efficient, focused, reliable and successful & some are not. it’s not because of they are not focused, but may because of insufficient fund, reliable donations, or many other reasons.

Some charities have sufficient donations or reserves monthly donations and in that case they really don’t need your money hardly. Even some of them not spend it for years, while others are desperately need your funds and will spend them quickly.

After choosing some NGO’s, check their financial information on the T3010, you will get more details about charity financial condition.

Always choose charities who really need your money & analyse charities needs you support in which area & why they are not so efficient.

Also you can check charities annual report, does they have meaningful goals & are they have thoughtful visions ? and systematic.

Inquire about the charity’s spending ratio. :

After analyzing select at list five charities & Inquire about their spending ratio. Many of charities spend their 40 % donations on promotions, admin & staffs.

If you are really thinking to utilises you donations effectively, choose the charities who spend the max part of donation on their goals, not on promotions & staff

You can easily find this information by looking at a nonprofit’s financial analysis on Charity Navigator

Set your Contributions :

Once you finalise the charity, main important role is to set the donation contribution. Many of the charities interested in monthly donations instead of part donation.

Monthly donation reservations helps to charity to focused on future challenges, plans, development.
How much you want to contribute its always your choice, but our suggestions is to choose the monthly or half year donation option.

After You Donate…

Get Personally Involved :

if you really want to make sure that your donations used effectively then you need to be personally involved.
It doesn’t matter how much you donate. Always donate your time as well as your money.

You can help by offering small gifts on charitable events, and performing a number of other tasks. Another possibility is that you could be named to a charity’s board, and you can help them in making the decisions.

Invite to others for charity events :

Once you involved personally, invites to your nearest & dearest to attend the charities functions, events, activities (i.e. tree plantation, water harvesting).
They may also like to support like you & might be a possibility is that they will help you in social activities.

You can celebrates your birthday, marriage anniversary with charities members rather than celebrate in expensive hotels.

Some people interested in donation but they don’t hold sufficient money, you can invite them also & request to donate time instead of money (by performing the physical task)

Ask about results :

Most important task is to evaluate the result. You can ask to charity for periodic progress reports even you are not donated yet.

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